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Alternative dispute resolution

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There is no business process more frustrating and stressful than solving business dispute. Though there are a number of benefits that come with using litigation as a sure fire method of solving your disagreement, it isn’t always the best way to solve an argument.

Litigation can be quite expensive and normally takes a lot of time. For those dealing with minor (yet seemingly unsolvable) disputes, or for those without large sources of money, reconciliation may be more easily reached through alternative dispute resolution or also known as ADR.

Usually, Alternative Dispute Resolution is considered to be cheaper and quicker process than litigation. In most cases, the involved parties are granted confidentiality, as well. Furthermore, in general, the decisions reached during the alternative dispute resolution process are legally binding.

Mediation and arbitration are the two main forms of alternative dispute resolution. While other options that are available such as collaborative law and conciliation, they are used with much less frequency. The process of negotiation is another available option, but as there is no third party involvement, as with the other choices.

The Western Australian government helps small and medium sized business owners with their business disputes. They offer low-cost service to assist small businesses in resolving disputes with other businesses or government departments. Click this link for more details:


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