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More and more people these days are investing in a new or second hand home. However, many of them sometimes find it difficult to fit all of the space and amenities they want on smaller and oddly shaped Australian lots today. With such kind of land, building a one storey house may giving up space for your garden or yard, or perhaps the beautiful view of your new property. Hence, the best solution to this problem is to build up instead of out and hire a double storey home builder.

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Two storey home

Building a two storey home can bring you many advantages and many homeowners are not aware of these:

The first and the most obvious advantages is that 2 storey homes can provide more living space in smaller square footage. This means that by building up, you are able to effectively use your space. By constructing a second floor space instead of widening your house, you can get twice workable floor space without infringing as much on the living outdoor space, thus you acquire a smaller square footage and still get an expansive living area.

The second advantage of houses with 2 storey is it is easier to keep your home cool especially at night. It also has more outside walls than a single level dwelling that may not allow good air circulation because the main living spaces don’t have any windows or have limited windows.

Another advantage of this type of house is keeping privacy. Since family areas are separated, each member of the family to have a haven of privacy those visitors to their home won’t infringe on.

The next advantage of building up is that it costs less than building out. Some people may think that a double storey house is twice as expensive as a single storey one. But the truth is, adding a second storey usually adds just another 15 to 30 percent to the total cost.

Mentioned above are the benefits of having a two storey home compared to a single storey one. However, choosing whether or not have a dual floor house still depends on your taste, local market’s demand and location.